Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your Backyard?

It’s the perfect time to transform your backyard into a complete living space with a custom gazebo, pavilion or pergola crafted and installed by Norweh.

An outdoor structure extends the functional living space of your home, giving you a cozy and comfortable addition where you can entertain friends and family long into the night – or simply relax and enjoy your natural surroundings.

We work closely together with you, taking into consideration the unique features and qualities of your yard to draw up a cohesive design for an outdoor structure that adds value and functionality to your property. Choose from a variety of available styles and finishes that are guaranteed to please.

We invite you to experience the full potential of summer as you escape to the peace and tranquility of your very own upgraded outdoor living space!

Sturdy and functional, a pavilion extends the useable space of your yard. A durable pavilion provides a valuable escape from the elements, allowing the festivities to carry on even if a light rain spills through the neighbourhood. A Pavilion commonly features a covered roof that offers shade from the sun, while open sides allow the refreshing breeze to sweep through.

These freestanding outdoor structures feature unique and expressive trelliswork that adds a dash of elegance and romance to your backyard. Built with an open roof and open sides, a pergola is the perfect place to stretch out and relax with a book or a cup of coffee. The unique design of a pergola allows for some creative options, such as weaving vines through the timbers for a natural touch that is sure to impress.

Available in a variety of styles, a gazebo is an intimate and cozy freestanding structure typically built in an octagonal shape. An excellent place for a quiet getaway, a gazebo consists of a covered roof and open sides for a satisfying and harmonious union with natural landscape elements. You can be sure that this functional and aesthetically-pleasing structure will fulfill all your needs throughout the years.

Timber Kits

Interested in tackling the project on your own? Purchase one of our Timber Kits and then build your outdoor structure with the help of an Assembly Manual from Norweh. We provide detailed instructions that guide you through each step – from start to finish.

Remember that if the idea of organising and assembling your outdoor structure seems a bit intimidating, Norweh is able to assist with quick and precise installation of your structure kit. Whatever you decide, you’ll be enjoying your improved outdoor living space in no time at all!