Purchasing a Timber Pergola, Pavilion or Gazebo Kit

Interested in purchasing a timber frame kit for your own outdoor structure? These simple steps will take you from dreaming about a timber frame pergola or pavilion to enjoying your very own outdoor structure in your backyard.

Step 1: Explore our luxurious pre-built timber designs and decide which is the best fit for your property

We have spent many years refining our timber products and can confidently deliver top quality products that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come!

Step 2: Option to receive a 3d rendering to see how the outdoor structure will look in your yard

If you want to get a sense of how the structure will look in your yard, you have the option to receive a 3D rendering using an image of your property to give you a clear idea of the final product.

Ditlefsen Boys - Norweh Timber Outdoor Structures

Step 3: Choose your shipping and assembly options

There are several options to choose from when it comes to installation, including:

    • Have materials sent right to your front door and install the project yourself using our easy-to-follow assembly instructions
    • Send the materials directly to your front door and reach out to a local contractor to assemble the structure using our easy-to-follow instructions
    • Or for Ontario customers, you can ask for help from our friendly and skilled installation team!

Custom Timber Work

If you are looking for something unique or simply want a design that perfectly fits the contours of your yard, you can reach out for with a custom request. We’ve helped many home and business owners design and assemble completely custom work. 

Step 1: Reach out for a conversation with our design team

Start by letting us know your vision and some of the details of the property. We can speak from our experience gained over many, many custom jobs to let you know what to consider and make sure that we have the absolute best end product. 

3D rendering of a custom made timber frame structure pergola on the outside of a residential house by Norweh

Step 2: Receive a render of your custom timber outdoor structure

This is the exciting part — you get to see your vision come to life in a rendering using an image of your current backyard or property. This is a great chance to make any adjustments or additions before we confirm the design and move into the building process.

Custom made timber frame outdoor structure being built in the Norweh shop

Step 3: We build the custom structure in our shop

Our expert team takes the design and builds the structure right in our own shop. We approach every job with an eye for precision and attention to detail.

Installation and assembly of a timber outdoor pavilion by the team at Norweh

Step 4: We’ll ship to you with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly

The materials arrive right at your door with simple installation instructions. Whether you want to tackle the job yourself or with the help of a local contractor, you’ll have an easy guide on how to get everything set up quickly and safely.

Protect your investment with wood oil

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To make sure your timber pergola or pavilion looks its best for years to come, we recommend protecting the structure with professional grade Cutek Wood Oil. 

This important step both enhances the look of the final product, helping maintain structural integrity while also repelling moisture to reduce cupping, warping and splitting.

Learn more at https://cutekstain.com/ca/